About Us

Where we are Going

Crossfield United has a lengthy, highly regarded history of worship and service in this dynamic rural community of Crossfield and surrounding area. Over many decades our church has aided people of deep faith, searching faith, and little definable faith with varieties of transitional moments of life, as well as spiritual counseling, educational opportunities, and community events. Weddings, funerals, baptisms, anniversaries, have all formed a significant part of our mission as a church, in addition to regular Sunday worship services, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations! We are grateful for the legacy we seek to honour in our life together today as a Christian community of faith.

The church must still, however, be open to the leading of the Spirit in and for our own time. While we cherish the traditions and traditional ways of being church that have held deep meaning for many, we recognize that new generations may yearn for spiritual community reflective of more contemporary concerns, hopes, and ways of engaging in activities such as worship. Thus the Board of our church, the Worship and Sacraments Committee, and the Minister are constantly discerning how to remain faithful to the core tenets of Christian faith while opening the church up to varieties of spiritual connection and expression; how to speak with continuing relevance to seekers of God of all types.

Worship is but one area of our life together, and perhaps the most vital area. Our calling to share the love of God beyond Sunday mornings and beyond our walls is also a significant part of our church’s ministry. We see the conflict, pain and suffering in our world and we know Jesus intends for us to respond, with mercy, with compassion, with service. This we seek to do through different outreach ministries. We strive to be the body of Christ, in word and deed, in the world today.

Where are we going? In short, seeking always the guidance and inspiration of the Living Spirit of God, and grounded in the teachings of Christ revealed in Scripture, we hope to go where God wishes us to go, metaphorically yet also literally, providing a community of spiritual comfort and strength, listening for where we might be effective in embracing the outcast, seeking holiness, proclaiming mercy, standing for justice, and glorifying God as we are able, through our ministries of caring, through our efforts to be disciples of Jesus in our time! Join us!