Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals



Choosing to start your life together with Crossfield United Church is a an honour for us!  We are delighted that you want us to be involved in this significant milestone.  The completion of the marriage prepraration program, which is facilitated by certified psychologists, is a prerequisite to dealing with the actual details for the wedding.  We are pleased to offer our support to you as you and your partner adjust to the many new changes in your life. We’d love for you to include making Crossfield United your church home for you and your family now and into the future.

Wedding  Fees: A variety of fees apply for your wedding, based on size and your specific needs.  Rates can be discussed when you call the church office where we are happy to answer all of your questions.  It is important that you contact our office early in the planning process to determine and confirm availability of the church and the minister.  We will gladly assist you in the unfolding of your special day.

Our Sanctuary has a capacity of approximately 200.


Baptism is often considered a sacrament for babies or younger children but people of all ages are welcome.  Here are answers to some of the common questions you may have:

How Important is Baptism?
Baptism is a holy sacrament which is biblical in its origin and therefore is a serious commitment that requires thoughtful consideration.  Baptism includes a series of questions and promises made by the individuals and the congregation that marks a milestone in a faith relationship with others in the local church, but also with members of the Christian church all over the world.  Baptism, therefore, is not to be undertaken lightly, for the sake of sentiment, superstition, or because of pressure from family members. During the baptism, members of the congregation will also stand and promise to provide nurture, love and support for you in the faith and in your life.  It is important for us to get to know you prior to the Baptism so we encourage you, if you are not already attending, to join us for regular worship.

How do I prepare for baptism?

All those seeking baptism need to be adequately prepared.  If you are new to the church, you will need to meet with the minister, and be willing to begin a relationship with the congregation by attending worship.

When may I have my child baptized?
The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated a number of times throughout the year. Please contact our minister to arrange a time.

Will you baptize my baby?
We would love to baptize your baby. No one seriously seeking this holy sacrament is turned away.  Your request for baptism is made to the Minister who is open and willing to baptize any child whose parent(s) have been adequately prepared for the commitment they will undertake.

I’m not baptised?  Can I be baptized as an adult? Absolutely!   Adults are encouraged to participate in membership classes before Baptism.  They may be baptized the same day as their child if they desire.


Funerals are always a difficult time in anyone’s life.  The emotions involved of losing a loved one can be more than anyone bargains for. Crossfield United Church believes in not only mourning the loss but also celebrating the life of those who have left us behind. Please contact our office regarding any funeral arrangements or if you require information on planning a memorial.   Our minister will be more than happy to provide pastoral support in any way possible during this time.  Standard fees apply and should be discussed with the minister.  A funeral luncheon is also available for this day.  Refreshments of tea, coffee, and food can usually be provided and served by UCW (United Church Women) or members of the Church.  There is a small fee for this luncheon.

The Memorial Fund
The Memorial Fund is a fund to which family and friends may make a financial gift in memory of a loved one. The funds are used for special projects in relation to the church building and/or the ministry of the church. Tax receipts will be provided at year end.

Memorial Tree

Since 2003, the United Church in conjunction with the Town of Crossfield and the Crossfield Legion have implemented a tree planting program at Veterans’ Park on the north side of Crossfield.  The Legion planted over 200 evergreen trees.  A tree is chosen by the veterans’ family when needed and then a plaque is installed. Our Crossfield United Church program provided an opportunity for a community member to purchase a leafy tree to honour for their loved one.  Over 130 trees have been planted in our Memorial Forest since 2003.

We have now fully completed the tree planting program.  The current site is full.  There are no plans at this time to add another site to this program.  Those participants who purchased trees are now responsible for the care and well being of their tree.  If a replacement is required, participants/families are encouraged to do so at their own discretion.  We want to thank you, Crossfield and area, for your great support in this initiative.